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September 16, 2011
"That's not our demographic.": L.A. Trip

Nancy Upton is the Dallas student who bristled at American Apparel’s plus-sized model search, entered it sarcastically — with scathingly satirical photos of herself bathing in ranch dressing, etc — and won the most votes on AA’s web site.

Earlier this week AA told her she was being denied the prize because she had not entered the contest in good faith. They wrote her a rather snotty, although entirely within their rights, email.

Then! She and the company’s creative director made nice on the phone and now … this. She’s just gotten herself a trip to LA to tour the factory and write about it.

A fascinating story all around that has sparked some new dialog about the well-traveled terrain of both “plus-sized” models in general and AA’s practices in particular. It’s also a wonderful example of the potential power of social media in both the commercial and cultural space.

Interested to see where this all leads …



I spoke with Iris Alonzo on the phone yesterday. She has graciously offered to fly Shannon and me out to LA to visit American Apparel and get a look at what it’s really like being inside the company.

I agreed, as long as I could write about what I saw. She said that would be fine.

In between phone/radio interviews, class and rehearsals, I’m trying to reflect on what this experience has taught me, and where I go from here. I’m definitely open to suggestions on that last part. :)

More than anything- thanks. Thanks for reading, thanks for commenting, thanks for listening.

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