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Recent Work:

Small Talk, a video series I created and hosted for Parenting magazine. Featured on CNN, Gawker, BuzzFeed and others.
Technology in the Classroom: The Good and Bad, a Parenting cover story 
Extensive writing and live blogging for the Guardian 

Culture & Society:

Booty Recall: Bishops Drop Word from Bible 
A RoboCop Statue for Detroit?
Nonprofit to Give Scholarship to White Males
Born This Way: Childhood Photos of Gay Adults
Groundhog Day All Over Again
A Sanitized ‘Huck Finn’?
2010: The Year in Tweets
Julian Assange: Activist, Outlaw … Sex Symbol?
Death Row, Where is Thy Sting?
Terry Jones:The Preacher Packs a Pistol and Hates Islam 
Larry King to Hang Up Suspenders After 25 Years
California: Strange Bedfellows in Pro-Pot Initiative
Nelson George: City Kid
Books: New York Calling
Other People’s Children
Italian Spiderman! The Webbed Wonder
David Byrne Turns a Building in an Instrument
Salvia: Old Herb, New Controversy
Just Don’t Call Me Mr. Mom
A Quiet Revolt Against the War on SIDS
Steampunking Technology
A Farewell to Hyphens
The Secret World of Online Cruising
A City Floods and its Paper Sails
Shoot the Iraqi!
Environment: The Nickel Bag Offense
No Joke: A Canon of Comics
A Jesuit Bioethicist on Terri Schiavo


Rufus Wainwright 
Pete Seeger
Dr. Drew
Buddy Guy
Jimmy Fallon
William Shatner
Lil Wayne
Eddie Izzard
Ted Koppel
Porter Wagoner
Ry Cooder
Richard Linklater
Poet Laureate Donald Hall
Thomas Friedman
Charlie Gibson
Bob Edwards
Perry Farrell
Bob Geldof
Michael Palin
Arianna Huffington
Patti Smith
Wyclef Jean
Jeremy Irons
Tom Clancy
Gene Wilder

Music Writing:

Grocery Store Un-Censors Elton John’s Baby’s Pic
Bootsy Collins Launches Funk U.

Breaking: Bon Iver
Bono Launches Download Service for Africa
What Will the Music Industry Look Like in Five Years?
How the Super Bowl Can Boost Springsteen’s Sales
Listening to Music with Ben Ratliff
The Night James Brown Saved Boston
Kids’ Album Review Roundup
Randy Newman Discusses Harps and Angels
Abigail Washburn: Bluegrass with a Red Tint
RIP, Jimmy McGriff
RIP, Ike Turner
Soul Survivors: Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings
Sonny Rollins Returns to Carnegie Hall
Nerdcore: Geeksta Rap Rising
The Carolina Chocolate Drops
On the Road Again: Nashville’s Legends Never Die
Flatt and Scruggs: Texas Tea and Better-Baked Biscuits
Lily Allen: Still “Alright” 
Crazy: Gnarls Barkley
CBGB: Rock and Rent

Science & Tech:

Cracking Down on a Dangerous Legal High
'Enviropig' …  or Frankenswine?

Chatroulette: Talking to Strangers
Tag, You’re It: When Old Photos Appear on Facebook
Google: The Cloud’s “Chrome” Lining
The Beef with our Beef
Virtual Viewpoint: Microsoft’s Photosynth
Live! From Your Cell Phone
The iPhone Haters
Twitter Nation
Computing: Living in the Clouds
Facebooking Philanthropy
Do You Zune?
iHacked My iPhone
The YouTube Debates: You Asked, They (Sorta) Answered 
Down with DRM? 
Online: History’s New First Draft?
When Art and Science Collide: A Dorkbot Meeting Begins
Boston’s Terrible T

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