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Hi there. I’m Brian Braiker

I’m the executive editor at Digiday, a publication that covers digital publishing, media, marketing, advertising, brand snafus and Web lolz. You should read it because we do great stuff and it’s always nice to know how the media you consume gets paid for. Content is king but context is Khaleesi. Or something.

I also write about parenting stuff for

Prior to joining Digiday, I was a staff writer and/or editor at … well, almost everywhere. I was most recently a senior editor at Parenting magazine (RIP), after a brief but fun run at the Guardian US as its news editor. Prior to that, I was front-of-the-book and news editor at Adweek, starting with the relaunch of the magazine and website in April 2011 under Michael Wolff. Before that I was a general assignment writer and homepage editor at ABC News.

For about seven years, starting in 2001, I was a general editor at the pre-Tina Brown era Newsweek magazine (RIP). I left Newsweek in 2008 to write for Rolling Stone. Then I was laid off along with 15 percent of the editorial staff that Christmas. Awesome. 

Anyway. I’ve written for USA Today, Nightline, People magazine, Time Out New York,, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Boston Globe, Boston Magazine, Variety and, among others. Isn’t that fancy?

I have a master’s in international affairs with a focus in international human rights law. I’m currently cultivating an interest in pogonotrophy. I play a bit of old timey guitar and banjo. I can’t yodel but I sure wish I could. 

Born and raised in Los Angeles, I’ve also lived in Boston, Washington DC, Grenoble (France) and La Jolla (not France). Now I live in Brooklyn where I am the 15th reason to love New York, according to New York Magazine. I have beautiful hair.

This could probably be more SEO-friendly, couldn’t it?

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